If you are looking for tutorials on physics concepts, video demonstrations of experiments, and tips on how to teach physics better, then you came at the right place.  In Ateneo Physics Teacher we shall do all these for you with the help of the teachers and students from the Physics Department of Ateneo de Manila University.  We believe that physics should be fun and interesting, even if we may sometimes bore you with equations.  But the equations are the rules of the game of physics.  Without rules, the basketball and football would be boring.  Without equations, physics would all be hand-waving.

If you have questions, you may send us an email or simply post your comments after each post.  We’d love to hear from you!  What’s more, we can even feature your question and our response in one of our blog post.  Of course, there are some things that we cannot do and that is to answer your homework.  But for other things, there is Ateneo Physics Teacher.

Dr. Quirino Sugon Jr.

Ateneo Physics Teacher



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